The Project's aim is to develop the concept of Sberbank, PJSC's Technopark's group of buildings linked into the united architectural ensemble fitted harmoniously into the Skolkovo IC architectural environment and meeting all the modern requirements.

The Technopark's architectural concept will support the innovative Bank's image and position the Bank's IT block as the centre and locomotive of cutting-edge technologies. Here, technologies become materialized, prototypes are being created and innovations piloted, innovative eco-environment is being formed, solutions, systems and applications are being generated.

The Skolkovo Innovation Center (Skolkovo IC)

The project of innovation centre in near-Moscow Skolkovo was initiated by Dmitry Anatoliyevich Medvedev, the ex-President of the Russian Federation, in March 2010.

On March 18, 2010 Dmitry A. Medvedev announced that the locality in the Odintsovsky district of Moscow vicinities near the Skolkovo village was selected as the place for "innovative valley" construction. Shortly before this, the Skolkovo Moscow Management School was opened there. Construction of the School the school board of which was headed by Dmitry A. Medvedev started in 2006. The complex-shape plot with total area of 375 hectares was allocated for construction of innovation centre.

Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman of Board of Directors of Rusal Joint Company and Russian-American JV "Renova" headed the Coordinating structure on innovation centre creation in Skolkovo. The structure was dubbed The Fund for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies (the Skolkovo Foundation) and carries out the project implementation monitoring functions.

To implement the Project, the Skolkovo IC was assigned the special legal status: to provide the project with preferential taxation and to create upon the its base the own divisions of law-enforcement authorities and social services.

Also, in the Skolkovo IC no municipal government is provided for, and all the economic issues are being solved by the Foundation. The Project participants are granted for 10 years with a remission of value added tax, income and property taxes.

Today, the Skolkovo IC is thousands of square metres on which science and business complement one another and create a distinct innovative ecosystem. The Skolkovo IC became the first innovative centre in which the best conditions for a start-up life and evolution were created.


The Main Scientific Areas of the Skolkovo IC

The following areas are approved among the main scientific areas of the Project:

Energy efficiency and energy saving including development of innovative energy technologies
Nuclear technologies
Space technologies primarily in the field of telecommunications and navigation systems
Health technologies in the field of equipment and pharmaceuticals development
Strategic computer technologies and software

Technopark of Sberbank Rossii, Public Joint Stock Company (Sberbank, Pjsc) in the Skolkovo IC

The IT block for Sberbank, PJSC is the functional division, creating, implementing and ensuring the high-quality operation of process solutions and breakthrough technologies in the Bank. It creates additional competitive advantages and possesses its own uniqueness being reflected in arrangement of not only work processes but also of spaces. Here, technologies become materialized, prototypes are being created and innovations piloted, innovative eco-environment is being formed, solutions, systems and applications are being generated.

As of today, the company's management has made the decision on construction of Technopark which will possess representative, educational and research capacities. The facility engineering implies consideration of the entire system of architectural, city-planning, functional, environmental, and economic aspects.

The architects are challenged by creation of the Technopark system which shall support the Skolkovo IC image, become one of the drivers of cutting-edge technologies' development, the "icon building" both for the Skolkovo and for Moscow in whole.