• Invited international competition

    for the architectural concept of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo
    Russian and foreign architectural companies are invited to take part in the Competition,
    and these may involve in their team the experts in the fields of architectural engineering,
    urban development, landscape design, and construction ecology and economics.


The foreign jury about the competition for the building of Technopark of Sberbank


On April 20 in Moscow, the results of the international competition for the architectural concept of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo were announced. The winner of the competition - ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS (Great Britain).

The winner of international competition for the architectural concept of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo was chosen


April 20 held a meeting of the jury of competition for the architectural concept of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo, in which has passed personal presentation of participants. Following the meeting, the rating was determined and selected winner Zaha Hadid Architects (United Kingdom)

April 20 will be held the winner announcement of International Competition for the architectural concept of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo


During the press conference there will be presented the architectural and town planning conceptions of the new building of Technopark of Sberbank in Skolkovo innovation center.

The Technopark's architectural concept will support the innovative Bank's image and position the Bank's IT block as the centre and locomotive of cutting-edge technologies. Here, technologies become materialized, prototypes are being created and innovations piloted, innovative eco-environment is being formed, solutions, systems and applications are being generated.

Appeals to participants


German Oskarovich Gref

President and Chairman of the Board, Sberbank PJSC

Sberbank today is in fact Russia's economic circulatory system. This is the system-forming Bank leading in the field of process innovations and social responsibility.
In constant upgrading and development of the company and principal approaches to work, we plan to set our division on activities aimed at developing analytical solutions and system services, in the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The new Technopark is intended to become the company's centre of competence and cradle of IT innovations.
Our team consists of young modern people who appreciate the true nature of life and combine successfully the intense working hours with creativity and self-development. We see the future Technopark as a multiplex environment having ergonomic office spaces and public zones including cafés and restaurants, library, conference hall, and sports grounds.
In order to create such a ambiguous environment and a facility meeting all the requirements for up-to-date technoparks, we have decided to take the route of a custom-made international competition. We are honoured to see so well-known and competent architectural companies among the participants! I'm sure that your professionalism and experience will allow for the creation of a new, unique project and the Technopark building will become the architectural jewel of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. I wish you every success!


Sergey Olegovich Kuznetsov

Chief Architect of the City of Moscow

The territory of New Moscow and, in particular, of the Skolkovo Innovation Center possesses today the great urban potential and is one of the priority zones of the city development.
The Skolkovo territory being outside the city historical centre gives the designers the unlimited freedom for creative pursuit and creation of architecture of the future. It is here where we can use the good practices of the modern architecture and create a unique facility which will become the symbol of the capital's new life.
The relevant trends of cities' development dictate the new approaches to a modern technopark evolution and understanding — these are not simple production area but the multi-function environment for development of the technopark employees as well as visitors and families thereof which has the social infrastructure and opportunities for leisure and creativity.
The technopark concept implies that one place joins production, business, science, education, culture, arts, investments, and cutting-edge technologies and this results in a generation of innovative environment for the city comprehensive development.
In the atmosphere of discoveries and inventions we are inclined to search for innovative solutions for the building architecture also. It is difficult to dress such ambitious plans up to architectural reality. I wish all participants considerable inspiration on this journey!

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